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The Showcase Entrepreneurs Fair 2017
The Showcase Entrepreneurs Fair is an annual event organized by Lujedah's Cheerfulee Limited, bringing together a strategic mix of all stakeholders in the development of the economy.

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Our Terms & Conditions


Words and Meanings:

For the purpose of this contract the following shall apply-

LCL- Lujedahs Cheerfule Ltd-Organisers of the Entrepreneurs Fair.

The Exhibitor-A company or individual who has agreed to show case their goods and services at the Fair based on the terms and conditions herein under contained and further terms as may be agreed in writing with LCL

Alloted Space- The 3 or 6 sqm space or additions thereof paid for by the Exhibitor and alloted by LCL as contained in the receipt issued to the Exhibitor.

                         TERMS AND CONDITIONS

  1. The Exhibitor shall  register ONLINE on the website www.theshowcase.com.ng or OFFLINE through the forms handed out by Marketers.
  2. The Exhibitor shall pay into the indicated account within 24 hours of filling the registration form.
  3. The Exhibitor shall pay 5% V.A.T 
  4.   A confirmatory email which serves as receipt of payment and confirmation of allotted space shall be sent to the email address provided by the Exhibitor on the Registration Form within 24 hours of receipt of payment or collected at the Fair ground at point of allocation of space (2 days to commencement of Fair)..
  5. Assignment or sub allotting of space by the Exhibitor is strictly prohibited ,please inform organisers if you want to share with a friend.
  6.  The Exhibitor makes booking for space online/offline at the point of registration and LCL reserves the right to allot space at its discretion based on showcasing categorization,safety and planning.
  7. The Exhibitor shall book for space from minimum available space of 3 sqm  request  for less space may not be granted.
  8. Built outdoor spaces must be paid for before 31st of August 2017. 
  9. The Exhibitor shall at the point of registration prior to payments indicate if naked flames or electricity generating sets would be required to facilitate optimum showcasing of their goods and services.
  10. The Exhibitor shall inform LCL The Showcase of any special needs such as special stands and water by email on by a phone call and get approval prior to payments such special needs shall be supervised by LCL The Showcase technical team and the cost of installation and dismantling borne by the Exhibitor. 
  11. The Exhibitor shall bring to the Fair ground its confirmatory email from LCL The Showcase or receipt to gain entry into the Fair ground and a copy of such email or receipt should be available at the stand at all times during the Fair.
  12. The Exhibitor is responsible for staff at their stand at all times and shall be liable for any damage or loss to LCL,other participants or guests caused by such staff.
  13. LCL shall provide from a central Dj /music for entertainment of participants Exhibitor may use also use music in the showcasing of their service and products if necessary for their brand.
  14. Exhibitor is not permitted to address the Fair and any announcement shall be done by the Fair Host.      
  15. The Exhibitor shall not showcase any goods or service which in the opinion of LCL  would constitute danger or nuisance to participants and guests including but not limited to obscene and pornographic items, fire arms,explosives chemicals and materials,prohibited drugs,indecent dressing and exposure by Exhibitor staff.
  16. The Exhibitor shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to fellow participants by acts of indiscipline such as but not limited to indecent dressing,fighting,drunkenness and noise pollution.
  • INDEMNITY: The Exhibitor shall indemnify LCL against all loss or damage that may be incurred due to any breach , non compliance or false disclosure by the Exhibitor.
    • SECURITY-SAFETY-FIRE: LCL has taken necessary security precautions to safe guard life and property at the Fair. Exhibitors are however required to ensure the safety of their products,equipment and personal items at the Fair. The Fair ground has adequate parking spaces and cars are parked at owner,s risk. Exhibitors shall only be allotted designated spaces based on their category to ensure safety. All exhibitors who need to use flammable material that may cause explosions must obtain written permit from the Nigerian Fire Service prior to the Fair and a copy of such permit delivered by hand or email to LCL at least a week before the Fair.  
  • PENALTY FOR BREACH/NON COMPLIANCE AND FALSE DISCLOSURE: Summary expulsion from the Fair grounds with no refunds of sums paid for space allotted or any other money whatsoever .


A Contract is established between LCL and The Exhibitor as soon as the payment for allotted space is made. The Exhibitor shall send an email conveying the desire to opt out of the Contract to LCL and a surcharge shall be due as follows:

  1. Within 48 hours of payment no surcharges except banking costs as may apply.
  2. Within 49 hours - 1 week of payment 30% of total payment made excluding bank charges
  3. 2 weeks to Fair -100% of total payment made.


The Showcase Entrepreneurs Fair brings together Entrepreneurs from all over the country who have taken up the challenge of making a difference either by following their passion or doing what they are trained to do using Nigerian resources to make uniquely Nigerian products meeting international standards.

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